Goalgetters’ offers a number of training courses, although in most cases, after assessing your company’s needs, bits of various courses are taken and moulded into a training intervention relevant to your specific needs.

Courses include :

  • Accepting Responsibility / Empowerment
  • Building A Team After Change
  • Team Motivation & Effectiveness
  • Goalgetters Business Game – Used for business understanding and enhancing team dynamics 
  • Safety
  • Driver Ambassador Training
  • Competitive Edge – Whole Brain Teamwork
  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • “Captain Fantastic” Leadership Skills for Supervisors & Middle Managers (For people new to leadership positions) 
  • “Leadership 27” – Putting simplicity back into leading (Exciting tools for established managers) 
  • Diversity Management
  • “The Magic Of Cricket” – Motivating staff to lift their service levels & confidently face new challenges using the analogy of cricket
  • Mission, Vision & Values Workshop

(NOTE : Train-the-Trainer packages are available for most of these courses)

Other Goalgetter’s offerings…

  •  Best Leader Survey & Self-Development Tool A simple on-line leader evaluation and self-development tool that enables leaders to gauge their effectiveness, as seen through the eyes of their staff and then improve their skills using on-line self-help ‘joggers’.
  •  Strategy Roll-out Goalgetters helps you to successfully roll-out your business strategy to all your employees. The communication of the strategy is exciting, simple and understandable and creates people who have a common goal; who are empowered and who are passionate.
  •  Outdoor Team Building Sessions This can be a stand-alone event, can kick start the training/conference process or be held at the end of the training to reinforce learning aspects. The sessions last approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours and involve fun team events. Usually, at least one of the facilitators is a well-known sport celebrity, which adds excitement to the event.
  • Conference Interventions The Goalgetters’ way, using a variety of training and motivational tools incorporating exciting sport content, makes us the ideal complement to any conference. Taking the theme of your conference, we tailor our intervention to bolster your objectives and get the right messages across to all delegates in a fun and participative way. (Whole Brain Creativity, Goalgetters Business Game (great for team dynamics), Getting To Know You Game, Rainbow Ride Boardgame, Videos, Personalised Sport Paper Chase, Adapted Goalgetters’ Training Courses etc.)