Bounce Forward

Sport is our metaphor, Your success is our Goal


We all need real value creation to get ahead of the GAME. Now, more than ever, you want to bounce forward with a focused team that is equipped to shoot and hit the back of the net.

We know that:

  1. Customers are going to demand more as they look for greater value for their remaining Rands
  2. Employees are going to be anxious and need extra-ordinary support and clarity on goals
  3. Leaders need to be in touch with their team members and have their support in achieving goals.

Based on what Goalgetters has learned from working with workforces for over 30 years, we know that success in our “new world” is going to depend on the attitude of your people and their buy-in and commitment to your goals.

Our goal is your success and your success depends on the passionate commitment of your team to live out your strategy.

What is it we will do?

  • Goalgetters will listen to your story (we know one size doesn’t fit all) and will work with you to craft a game plan to turn your strategy into reality.
  • Our experience has taught us that reaching small understood goals has an amazing uplifting affect and the more goals workforces score, the greater the traction to move forward in the league, so we will help you break down your plan into individual and team goals.
  • We will work with you to simplify your plan into language that will easily be understood and lived out by your team members.
  • Using sport and creativity we will breathe life into your plan.
  • Workers often know how best to do their jobs and have amazing innovative ideas which are often kept to themselves as they are never asked for in-put, so Goalgetters will work with your team members and invite them to provide feedback and in-put to achieve goals. This turns your plan into the team’s game plan creating real buy-in.
  • In a fun way Goalgetters will get your team knowing exactly where they are at (the league they are playing in, the team members they have, the resources they have, what their captain and manager’s immediate goals are and the expectations of their customers).
  • Crucial to the outcome of any intervention is the commitment and participation of your managers, so we will equip them to motivate and manage your Strategy to Success.
  • As some of your team members may be required to work in smaller teams (perhaps in remote places), without the usual supervision and because studies have proved that employees are motivated to perform better when they feel empowered in their jobs, Goalgetters will help your managers understand the benefits of trusting their team more and giving them the opportunity to find their own solutions to problems.
  • Using music we can create a team anthem to increase levels of passion and team identity.

Please contact Greg on 083 654 3795 now to discuss how Goalgetters can help you bounce forward.

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