Goalgetters’ training interventions are largely, but not soley, based around the analogy of sport. They are fun and participative and personalised to your industry and the specifics of your organisation. They include our own

  • patented  board games
  • exclusive training DVDs with exciting sport footage
  • fun ice-breakers
  • practical group exercises
  • fun quizzes

All training is personalised to your industry and to the specific needs of your business.

Goalgetters can successfully:

  • Get your work team to understand your Mission and Values and actively contribute towards them
  • Simplify & deliver your business strategy to all levels of your business, ensuring buy-in and commitment by all
  • Ensure that all your staff understand what their goals are and how they are going to achieve them
  • Instil confidence in your team members so that they can accept responsibility for their tasks
  • Inspire your team to want to make a difference
  • Train your team members to take ownership of their own measurement and progress
  • Equip your managers to lead and inspire
  • Show employees how they can add value to the business
  • Mould your workforce into a true team that values support for the bigger picture
  • Ensure all employees understand how they can exceed the needs of your customers
  • Alert your team to constantly adapt and be innovative in order to stay competitive.
  • Give your employees a basic understanding of how a business operates and what is involved in trying to make a profit
  • Transfer any “message” to your workforce in an interesting way that ensures understanding and encourages buy-in


Course Duration

At Goalgetters, we understand the logistical challenges facing a company when embarking on training and strategy roll-out interventions. To minimize disruption in the workplace, courses/workshops vary from 3 hours to 2 days (depending on the specific needs and logistics of clients).

Sustainability of the Training Interventions

We bolster our training by:

  • Equipping leaders with the will and the tools to continually motivate their teams
  • Equipping leaders with self-development tools that help them to monitor their effectiveness in the eyes of their teams and to rectify any areas of concern
  • Making sure that the training process is visual ie: specially designed sports posters and performance boards
  • Designing a measurement system that enables teams to record ‘quick successes’, thus entrenching a ‘winning’ habit
  • Creating an environment where exceptional behaviour and performance is rewarded