“Re-structurung creates plenty of uncertainty but also an ideal opportuity to “do it right” with your new team. Creating buy-in from your team to the new way of operating is crucial to the  success of your organisation.” 

Strategies are normally born in a boardroom, seemingly light years from the production lines and busy foyers where teams are constantly trying to keep their heads above water. When the strategy involves re-structuring, often staff members feel threatened and this negatively affects their performance. For them it’s all about getting through the day making the least number of mistakes and staying out of trouble to hold onto their jobs. Not exactly the best way for a business to compete and survive in the competitive world we find ourselves in. So, how do we fix this situation?

Our 2 to 3 hour workshop will get your team on board and passionately behind the new way of doing things.


  • Your team will be more ready and feel more competent to embrace the changes that have taken place.
  • Staff will understand where their organisation is going and how meaningful their contribution is. They will now feel more motivated to ‘go that extra mile’ for success.
  • Individuals will now have an attitude of ‘this is my business’ and take on more responsibility and accountability


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